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Welcome to the official website of the podcast Historically Haunted. If you love History, Hauntings and Monsters than this is the podcast for you! Have a good time looking around my site!

Historically Haunted Is a paranormal podcast that focuses on the History and the question of why there might be ghosts still hanging around.

I love Halloween!
I love Halloween!

I am a big nerd who LOVES Halloween and all things spooky!

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Got lost in a corn maze in October
Got lost in a corn maze in October

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I love Halloween!
I love Halloween!

I am a big nerd who LOVES Halloween and all things spooky!

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Get to know the host

My name is Ariel

    Hello and welcome! I am your Ghost Host on my podcast Historically Haunted.  It’s a paranormal podcast that covers the history of a haunted location and the strange things that are still happening at it today. I also cover a new  “Monster of the Week” every episode!

     About a year ago I got really depressed and I started to get really sick with anxiety attacks. I was starting to feel very alone and shut down, then I discovered podcasting. (And a few awesome YouTubers.) So many wonderful podcasts helped pull me from my dark place and back into the light. They also remind me to just be myself. I started to find a family in the historical, adventurous and paranormal communities and I just had to be a part of them! So I decided to start my own podcast. And so far I love it! I  have met so many wonderful people already even though my show is new. Also being an adult with Dyslexia I hope to use a platform to talk about this learning disability and hope to help lift some spitters of those who are suffering with it. I hope to continue growing my podcast and this website!


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     One thing I am finding out is it’s expensive to promote my new show. I want everyone to enjoy it and I am hoping to just get enough money to cover the cost for my podcast host and eventually website monthly fees.

     I would never want anyone to struggle to help me on my podcast journey so if you can’t do it I understand! You can still enjoy all my episodes and interact with me on all my online platforms. If you love my show and can spare a $1 or more a month that would help me out greatly.  Click the link below to find my Patreon page.

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Historically Haunted is currently available on iTuns, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube  and Stitcher!


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Sending in our personal paranormal stories will help me get to know you all better. I will read it on the show as well and I will keep it confidential if needed.

How to  get in Touch with me!

I am always open to new places to explore on my show along with  suggestions on making my show better.

I also would love for you to send in a listener story so I can tell it on my show along with any Monster of the week suggestions. 

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